About Us

Vinnies dogs and sausages is way totally awesome but we cant think of anything that we do that is that really makes us different from the others. This business has been around forever.

We follow ten simple rules to insure that the hot dog you eat is the best in town.

  1. Buy Buns Fresh Daily and steam to perfection before serving
  2. Dice Fresh Veggies for the Chicago dog and the Coney island dog Daily
  3. Use 100% beef all natural dogs with no preservatives or additives
  4. Stuff small homemade batches of fresh chicken beef and pork sausages so often that you don't have to use additives or preservatives
  5. Prepare a vegetarian Tofu sandwich and call it, dog
  6. Serve an Ice cream sandwich made with all natural ice cream and cookies and call it a diet option
  7. Serve a dog with every possible ingredient and bacon as another diet option
  8. Always have celery salt on hand
  9. Give out free lemonade with every order
  10. Serve all dogs with Gratitude