Need a Reason

If you are planning a Grand Opening for your business, having a special event, block party or just want to throw a party for no reason, then you've come to the right place.

We will consult with you to develop a menu of different dogs, sausages, condiments, sides and desserts to pick from. You pick em, tells us how many, where, and when and WE WILL BE THERE. And we will be full on PRO.

$450 gets you a totally awesome New York Style Set up, a Kick ass hot dog pro to serv em up, fifty dogs and a dozen sausages with anything you want on them. You'll pay our street price for extra dogs, sausages, sides and drinks.

Fill out a catering request form and we will call you with a firm quote.

Got the quote, still not sure? Schedule a complimentary tasting. We will come to you with a selection of your choice of dogs, sausages and sides. Then our high pressure sales force will slam the close home. Don't worry we're gonna take care of yas, real good see.

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